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Bond Issue Information

Bond Issue Information Update

At the November 15th Board of Education Regular Meeting, the Board voted to proceed with Master Plan 1, the Historic Main Street Renovation and New Build.

The Williamsburg Board of Education held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, December 8th to discuss the next steps for the new Elementary School Bond Issue.  The Board met with Joe MacNeil, Planning Manager from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, (OFCC), to review our upcoming Bond Issue.  As a result of that discussion, Mr. MacNeil advised the Board of the possible risks of going on the Ballot in May 2022.  

Those risks are:
  • The 2022 school construction budget amounts, determined by the State, will not be available until March 2022.
  • The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will not award new construction funding until July 2022, which is contingent on the State Capital Budget.
  • In order to be on the May 2022 Ballot, the District is required to have all numbers available for the Ohio Department of Education and Board of Elections by February 2022.
As stated on the Master Plan Option Boards shared in public forums over the past several months, the new elementary construction cost estimate is based on the OFCC 2021 school construction budget guidelines.  Mr. MacNeil felt strongly that Williamsburg Schools would be better served waiting until the OFCC receives new funding from the General Assembly and updated construction costs for recent inflation.  Based on these factors and Mr. MacNeil's recommendation, the Board feels it is prudent to target a November 2022 Bond Issue pending Ohio Facilities Construction Commission funding approval.
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