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Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to provide a high academic performance for all students through quality instructional practices in a safe and nurturing environment in partnership with the community.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is a continuously improving, high-performance school district achieving academic excellence for all students.

Be a P.A.R.T. of the T.E.A.M.

*Be Prepared
*Be Attentive
*Be Respectful
*Be on Time

(Together Everyone Achieves More)


  1. All children have the ability to learn more and we have the responsibility to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  2. Students learn best when actively engaged in the learning process.
  3. Higher expectations ensure higher student achievement.
  4. We have an obligation to provide a learning environment that will foster the self-esteem of each student.
  5. To be successful all students must be prepared for careers and lifelong learning.
  6. Collaboration with staff, parents, business, and community is an essential element of successful schools.
  7. Education is fundamental to the successful continuation of a democratic society.
  8. The Board of Education, Administration, and all district staff are entrusted with the responsibility of utilizing public funds in a cost-effective manner that supports the mission of the school district.
  9. We will use student assessment and program evaluation data to continuously improve curriculum instruction, school climate, organization, and management to advance student learning. 

Williamsburg Local School District is a rural school district located 27 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio

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BOLD OBJECTIVE 1: Academic Excellence

Williamsburg is an excellent community. We have excellent businesses and excellent citizens. Our schools have excellent teachers instructing excellent students. As a community and as a school district we must demand more of ourselves, and vow nothing less than an Excellent state rating is acceptable.

In order to achieve and maintain Academic Excellence, Williamsburg Schools shall:

1.1. Eliminate the excuses. There are many challenges to achieving an Excellent rating. However, schools throughout the state, including many within Clermont County, have overcome those same constraints to earn Excellent ratings and beyond. If they can do it, with our talent and experience we can do it. First, we must stop rationalizing Effective performance and raise the bar to exceed it.

1.2. Align with the metric. The measuring system employed by the State may not be perfect, but it’s all we have. This is how the community gauges our performance. As professional educators, we should give input to the State on ways to improve the measuring system, but in the meantime, we must embrace what’s in place and do what’s necessary to raise our rating to Excellent.

1.3. Seek and employ the best practice. As aforementioned, Williamsburg is blessed with talented teachers, administrators, and staff. And there are many schools across the region that have figured out the formula for achieving higher academic performance ratings. We shall utilize all of these resources to identify and implement the strategy necessary to achieve our goal.

BOLD OBJECTIVE 2: Accountability & Ownership

A school district is a complex organization, with the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like any great team, each individual must perform efficiently and effectively to yield optimal performance of the team. For the good of our students and community, we must challenge ourselves and raise performance.

In order to promote Accountability and Ownership, Williamsburg Schools shall:

2.1. Set Goals.  Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, each employee of the district will work with his or her direct supervisor to establish individual professional goals for improved performance or productivity, applicable to each individual’s respective scope of responsibility, with measurable means of assessing attainment of goals articulated.

2.2. Evaluate Performance.  In order to gauge progress toward established goals, each employee shall participate annually in a review meeting with his or her direct supervisor.  Direct Supervisor will evaluate each employee’s performance using the existing evaluative instrument currently in place for the job classification held by each respective employee, with ratings rendered in a discriminating manner through literal interpretations of the descriptors that accompany each rating.

2.3. Take Action.  To complete each year’s evaluative process, each employee will formulate an action plan to enhance the sustainability of all goals on which exceptional progress was made, to create continuous improvement trends for all goals on which adequate progress was made, and to articulate specific corrective steps for immediate implementation for all goals on which inadequate or unacceptable progress was made.  For any unmet goals, direct supervisors will specify appropriate interventions, supports, and/or disciplinary steps that will serve to motivate the employee and increase that employee’s capacity to work effectively and efficiently toward established goals.

BOLD OBJECTIVE 3: Fiscal Stewardship

The citizens of Williamsburg entrust us with their greatest treasures: their children and their tax dollars. Every employee of the District has an impact. We must be frugal and squeeze maximum value out of every penny. Furthermore, if we are to teach the next generation fiscal responsibility we must first model it.

In order to promote Fiscal Stewardship, Williamsburg Schools shall:

3.1. Balance the budget. For years District expenses have increased while revenues, especially State contributions, have decreased. This caused deficit spending and eroded our cash carryover. Going forward the Board has resolved to cease deficit spending and balance the budget.

3.2. Drive out waste. With fewer and fewer resources at our disposal, we must learn to do more with less. The best way to maximize our tax dollars is to eliminate every activity and expense that does not add value. By working together we can identify waste and channel those dollars elsewhere.

3.3. Get creative. In recent years Williamsburg Schools have saved hundreds of thousands through collaborative multi-district programs and other creative solutions. We must continue to think outside the box and identify these creative solutions that save money and add value.

BOLD OBJECTIVE 4: Community Partnership

As professional educators it’s crucial we understand who we serve, and why. First, we serve our students because they are the purpose of our organization’s existence. Second, we serve the parents and guardians of our students, those who have entrusted their greatest treasure to us. Lastly, we serve our community. Every adult in our district is a taxpayer, directly or indirectly, and thus a shareholder in our organization.

In order to promote Community Partnership, Williamsburg Schools shall:

4.1. Communicate effectively. In order for the entire Williamsburg community to feel engaged in their school district, we must communicate effectively. Far too often the only thing our citizens see or read about schools (Williamsburg and others) is negative. It must be our mission to educate every Williamsburg citizen about the many positive things happening in our classrooms and our District.

4.2. Be an ambassador. Every employee of the District– teachers, administrators, and staff– must take ownership of the school/community relationship, serving as good faith ambassadors at all times. We must recognize our words and actions, good or bad, reflect on the District. It is especially important that we resolve conflicts in a professional manner, always keeping our student’s best interests at heart.

4.3. Think “customer service”. With the advent of world competition businesses of every size and scope have been forced to embrace the necessity of exceptional customer service. As professional educators, we must take a page from their playbook. Our shareholders have choices. With open enrollment and private options, they can choose where to send their children. When they step into the voting booth they can choose whether to support our levies. Thus we must view our parents and our community as customers of the District. As an organization, our words and our deeds must do everything possible to ensure a positive customer experience.
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