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                                                    Registration Process for NEW Resident Students

Welcome to the Williamsburg Local School District.  We are excited to welcome your new student(s) into our district.  

Registration is a two-step process; please follow the steps below for enrollment.

The First step in the registration process is to complete the required FinalForms. You will start by creating a PARENT account. You can do this by going to the FINALFORMS link. After creating an account, sign in to the account and select ADD STUDENT. Required forms will then populate in a list shown in red. Please be sure to complete each form and electronically sign. After signing each, click submit form. Each form will turn green when it is complete. (Grades 6-12, there will be forms that turn yellow after the parent has signed. Those forms require the student's signature after the student receives a Williamsburg email account.) When all forms are complete, you will see an “Enrollment Forms Finished” message.  To register additional students, select MY STUDENTS.  Repeat steps for each additional student. Please see the links below for instructions for FinalForms.

The Second step in the registration process is to schedule a Registration Appointment. Contact one of the following building administrative assistants to schedule an appointment.  You will need to bring all required documents or confirm all documents have been completed or uploaded correctly. Please see the link below for Documents Necessary for Registration.  Appointments are scheduled to expedite the process and to prevent parents/guardians from having extended wait times.

Grade K-5

Williamsburg Elementary

(513) 724-2211 Option: 3

Administrative Assistant – Jenny Kritzwiser ([email protected])

Grade 6-12

Williamsburg Middle/High School

(513) 724-2211 Option: 1

Administrative Assistant – Tracy Coffey ([email protected])

FinalForms Parent Registration/Registering a Student

Open Enrollment

The Williamsburg Local School District will offer Open Enrollment to students who reside in any Ohio school district for the 2024-2025 school year. Application dates for Open Enrollment will begin Monday, February 12, 2024, and continue through Friday, May 10, 2024. Completed applications and required forms will be accepted at the Williamsburg Board of Education Office in the drop box outside the front door.
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