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District bus drivers pictured in front of a school bus
2024-2025 Bus Information
We look forward to welcoming back our Wildcats in August of 2024! In order to account for each rider's safe and timely pick up and drop off times, we ask that each child registers for daily busing. Each route is going to be a little different from last year's route due to the amount of children needing a ride in each area. You will not be included on a bus route unless we receive a bus registration form. Be sure you know where you need your children to be picked up and dropped off at daily when filling out the form (consider special circumstances for a sitter, for example). We hope to notify families of pickup and drop off times during the first week of August.  Please be sure to fill out a bus registration form for each child before July 15, 2024.
General Information
  • Students will receive safety instructions as to how to load and unload the bus
  • Students should stay sitting in their seat at all times and use a low voice level
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus. This is a choking hazard
  • Students will receive assigned seats (with their friends, behavior permitting)
  • All bus variance requests will go through the transportation office - NOT the school building offices. Parents can call Judy Arnold at 513-429-7859 to request special bus changes.
Please remember that Ohio law requires that parents are responsible for their children until they board the bus. Drivers are instructed to see an adult when dropping off a Kindergarten - 5th grade student. Due to a large number of students that ride Williamsburg buses, we are not able to make bus stop changes to relieve parents of that responsibility.

US Grant Career Center 2024-2025
U.S. Grant Vocational students ride a dedicated route in the mornings and a shuttle bus in the afternoon that connects them with their neighborhood bus. Because the morning bus covers the entire district, it is important that we know which students are riding the bus in order to save time and fuel. Please sign up for a ride on this link. Times will vary the first couple weeks based on actual riders. Students not registered for transportation will not be placed on the US Grant route.  

The state sets minimum requirements for school transportation: Our hope is always to provide better and more convenient service than the state minimum. We must balance that with the need to be efficient and safe for all students, and so we appreciate and value the partnership with our parents.

Students riding the bus home from Grant will have two options. The shuttle bus can drop them off at the Old High School in the center of town to a responsible adult that has been administratively approved for that student. No student will be permitted to be released for pickup at any other location. Alternatively, the shuttle bus from Grant will meet other Williamsburg buses to transfer students to their homes. 
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