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Greg Wells
Welcome to the home page of the Williamsburg School District Treasurer’s Office. We trust you will find the information contained here informative and useful. Community members seeking financial information may follow the financial reports & notes link on this page. There are other useful links below the financial information. If you fail to find what you need, please contact us for further assistance.

The Treasurer’s office oversees all of the financial operations of the District with the Treasurer serving as the Chief Financial Officer and reporting directly to the Board of Education.

The Treasurer also serves as the Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role, the Treasurer’s Office holds all contracts, documents, and the official minutes of all Board meetings.

New Vendor W-9
To become a vendor with Williamsburg Local School District, please complete the W-9 and fax it to the Treasurer’s Office at 513-724-1504.

If you have any questions please contact:
Greg Wells
WLSD Treasurer
513-724-2211 ext.9226
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